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About Us

Taban Afagh Asia company with 25 years of experience is working as the biggest export & import company in field of presentation and distribution ,such as, types of plastic sheets including polycarbonate sheets(PC), acrylic (MMA), (PMMA), polystayr or crystal(PS) , PVC and special decorative sheets.

Distribute and inistalation of PVC gypsum board and T bars  with high quality and best different design.

In metal field, distribute of stainless steel tube and glass wall fitting (spider) with installation  is another services of Taban Afagh Asia company.


Taban Afagh Asia company is active in below parts based on professional designers and executives.

 1.Making statues

2.Appreciation tablet

3.Promotional stands

4.Performance of false ceilings

5.Performance of decoration ceilings

6.Performanceofindoorandoutdoorceilings with polycarbonate sheets

7. Performance of steel fance with the best design

8. Performance of glass structures by spider


Taban Afagh Asia's agents :         

1.Taban Afagh Asia is exclusive agents of Taiwan's Jokema acrylic sheets company in Iran and Dubai.

2.Taban Afagh Asia is exclusive agents of Taiwan's Tileron pc hollow sheet and pc flat sheets company.

3.Taban Afagh Asia is sell`s agent of Innovation Aida plastic company in Iran (Tehran).

4.Taban Afagh Asia is also sell`s agent of Nafis cartoon plast company in Iran (Tehran).

5.Taban Afagh Asia is exclusive agent of China`s XinDongYuan stainless steel Tube in Iran

6.Taban Afagh Asia is exclusive agent of China`s Only glass wall fitting (spider)

7.TAA is  exclusive agent of Indonesia`s Marga Cipta cast acrylic sheet  in Iran

8.TAA is exclusive agent of Thailand`s Alfa plas cast acrylic sheet in Iran 


Taban Afagh Asia is proud to supply any goods from Germany, Taiwan and china with the highest quality according to customer`s required, and all contracts and meeting with the companies and get the agents for customers from above countries is our other services.